Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Chapter 5: Model Output (Application Design Weather Monitoring Model base on Satellite Data (Draft))

by Idung Risdiyanto

Output of model could be divided based on module which was created in model design.  Each of weather element data would be layout as map, graph and table.  The map represent for all area, whereas, graph and table represent separate of all data appropriate with selecting area.  Based on all output format data, could be describing the weather conditions. 
Actually, the model was design to run real time.  But, for this research has the limitation of data source for inputting model, so, to analysis of the result model would be used available data which was provided by internet.  To make easier for analysis, would used two dataset source as input, then both are data would be comprised. The dates of both data are December-02-2000 and June-02-2001.

5.1.    Air surface Temperature
This module will produced two surface temperature data for each day.  They are global and regional air surface temperature.  The global surface temperature data has 50 x 50 kilometers square resolution and regional surface temperature has 8 x 8 kilometers square resolutions

.  Global surface temperature of this research consider about distribution of surface temperature value in tropical area. It have the objectives to describing weather phenomena that occurs in Indonesia, because distribution of temperature value could be used as indicator mass of water vapor amount and predict air movement which there are important variable that influences of weather conditions. 

5.1.1.    Global Surface Temperature
Spatial distribution between sea surface and land surface has clearly differences.  From two dates in Figure 4.12, at the bigger land like as Africa continent in tropical area have the variations of value larger than at sea surface.  This fact caused, in this model have been used elevation data to correct data from NOAA satellite.  Elevation at the land surface has higher variations than elevation at the sea surface, especially at the large area such as continent.  There was proofed that contrast differentiation between sea and land surface temperature around Africa which higher than South East Asia.  Figure 4.13 is chart of distribution temperature in tropical area (10°N-10°S) also proof that the continent has higher variations than ocean and small land area.
Comparison surface temperature on 02 December 2000 and 02 June 2001 at tropical area, there consider about differences of temperature value in tropical area.  Such as shown in Figure 4.12, large of temperature distribution that has value more than 26°C (especially of sea surface temperature) on June larger than December.  On June, temperature value more than 26°C in East Pacific connected with West Pacific.  It means, convergent area is even spread as along tropical latitude, although South East Asia still warmer than West pacific.  On December, spread of temperature value which more than 26°C was separated by lower temperature at 210°E – 245°E, so that the gradient temperature between East Pacific and West Pacific also greater than condition on June. This condition will appear air movement from East pacific to West pacific on December will faster than on June (full paper download)