Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

Chapter 6 : Graphical User Interface of Model (Application Design Weather Monitoring Model base on Satellite Data (Draft))

by Idung Risdiyanto

The graphical user interface (GUI) was build as a packet software application.  It was written in Visual Basic 6.0 and was supporting some library file and activeX from other software. In this GUI, there are four major tasks that have to be handled. The first task is file management, second task is global data presenting, third task is Indonesia data presenting and the last one is description about this software and model.  Each of tasks was presenting as menu of the application software and has the some sub-menu.
To present the result of model, GUI was build with three displaying as layout; there are map, table and graph or chart.  The map was build with add the Surfer Library into project reference and Moving Map activeX into project component of Visual Basic.  Surfer library was used for create griding file and produce map of weather element which was overlaying with base map.  Moving map activeX was used to displaying the map which was created by surfer library and has the property such as zooming out, zooming in and showing coordinate value of the map.  Table and chart of weather element was building by using available activeX in Visual Basic, their area MS Flexgrid and MS Chart (full paper download)